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Why edcampPhilly?

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In one week, edcamp Philly will become a reality!

What is edcamp Philly?

Edcamp Philly is an unconference that will take place on Saturday, May, 22 at Drexel University. It is a day where educators from across the United States will engage in conversations about education. The participants drive the day. The participants set the agenda. The participants choose what sessions they would like to attend. It is that simple. Or is it?

Why edcamp?

Many times in the past few months, people have been giving me weird looks and asking me questions about my involvement in the organization of edcamp Philly. Wait, they say, let me get this straight, you are not getting paid to do this? Then why? I have been thinking about those questions a lot. Why did I get involved in edcamp?  It’s funny, but the notion of monetary reward did not even enter my mind. Really. The true reward for me has been experiencing the fun and energy that comes from working with a group of motivated and intelligent teachers, a group of teachers that care about kids, their fellow educators, and the state of education in general.

Aha Moment!

Today, I watched a video that animates Daniel Pink’s book Drive.

As I was watching this video, I realized that my involvement in edcamp is exactly what he talks about in his book. I am motivated by the sense of autonomy I am experiencing. I am part of a creative team that is completely self-directed. We make the decisions in a collaborative atmosphere, filled with the respect that we are equal in our desire, to create a space for educators to celebrate their own autonomy and expertise.  A space that is about mastery, about mastering our craft, about learning and growing together. A space that is fun and free, where the rule of economics does not even enter the arena. Edcamp was organized to enable educators to feel a sense of purpose. As educators, we need to move forward with a sense of purpose, to make the educational experiences of our students an experience that we, ourselves, crave. According to Pink, we thrive when we experience autonomy, mastery and purpose. Hopefully, edcamp will be a start, a place where the conversations will help to move us in that direction.

Join us!

I challenge you to join us. To come to a place where autonomy, mastery and purpose will be celebrated!


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May 15, 2010 at 9:28 AM

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