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What a great day!  Today, our Internet was working.  After two days of struggling with getting the internet connection in our building fixed, we finally succeeded.  Just in the nick of time, since today was our district walk-through. Each month our district sends a team of educators to our school to conduct walk-through observations. The English 3 teachers and the Algebra 2 teachers are always on the visitation list. (Testing)  Our walk-through observations have been very successful, with very positive feedback from the team.The positive feedback today was great, but it could never compete with what happened in my classroom.


A few days ago, I wrote about starting a constructivist project with my students. The project was extremely open-ended with very little “must do” criteria.  The project relies heavily on the use of technology. Day one was almost my undoing since we couldn’t get connected. Day two was not much better, no internet in my classroom. I called a colleague on the other side of the building and she said her connection was fine. We packed up the computer cart and traveled to an empty classroom.  We lost some time but we were finally getting started.  Today was a dream come true. My students grabbed their laptops, signed onto the Internet, and began researching their topics. Some students used a graphic organizer I had created to help guide them.  It was eerily quiet in my room. The best part of my day was watching them dig right in. My students struggle with independent reading, no matter what the topic. They hate to read in class. Not today, they were reading and searching and asking all the right questions. I am not fooling myself, from here on out the project is going to get much more difficult. The projects they have chosen to create will require analysis and synthesis of the information they are gathering and further critical thinking. I know they will struggle, but I also know they will amaze me with their final products.


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February 4, 2010 at 9:11 PM

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