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Today was a day of learning, not just learning about teaching and learning, but learning about people. I met up with several members of my PLN: @hadleyjf @DoremiGirl @mbteach @rorowe @ksivick @paulawhite @beckyfisher73 and several more not pictured above. It has been a fascinating experience watching everyone interact and discuss their commonalities and differences in regards to schools and school districts. We all agree that Paula and Becky have got it made.  They work in a district where the Superintendent is connected to what they are doing. Hadley and Kim work for a  private school that allows them freedom with technology and social networking. They are really concerned about bridging the divide between public and private school. I love to hear @DoremiGirl and @rorowe talk about their passion for music and the Arts.  MaryBeth is a whirlwind of adventure, always off and running to connect with just one more person that follows her on Twitter. Today was another great day at Educon and looking forward to another tomorrow!


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January 31, 2010 at 12:37 AM

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