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An Idea is Born

The other day I was reading through my Twitter stream and cam upon a link from Darah Bonham that intrigued me.  I followed the link to his blog to read more about his idea of starting Twitter University.  He wanted to try to set up a situation where educators could access conversation, links and resources  “that are occurring 24/7/365 to a particular topic and not wed to a certain day and time” (db).

Darah's Blog

I thought, what a great idea. I very rarely have time during the school day to check my twitter stream, and I know I am missing out on great conversations, as well as, the multitude of links to videos, articles, blog posts, and websites.  Immediately my brain was spinning. So how would we know what #hashtag to use?  I asked Darah if he would like me to create a wikispace to use as a central location for all the #hashtags.  I went to work on the TwitterU space.

Making it Work

Now the real work begins.  The TwitterU wikispace is open to anyone. If you have a topic that you are researching or are interested in just add #TU and then lowercase letters after it. For example: #TUpbl was used for Project Based Learning.  I linked  some of the existing #hashtags directly to the twitter stream showing the hashtag content.  I will be happy to add the links, once a topic is created and you add it to the table. It helps if you add two tweets to get the hashtag started.  Feel free to request to join. I find it is much easier to keep track of the wikis I follow if I am a member.  Perhaps the most difficult part will be to remember to tag things, but if we do, imagine all the resources and great conversations we will be able to access 24/7.  Will you be an active learner at Twitter University?


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January 2, 2010 at 11:48 PM

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